My Story

Born and bred in Houston, TX, Cooper Mohrmann isn’t just any country artist. He’s got the pearl snaps, the hats, and the powerhouse vocals to match. Drawing his style from artists like Gary Allan, Chris Stapleton, and Whiskey Myers, Cooper brings together his slice-of-life lyrics with his contagious stage presence.

Cooper fell in thrall to storytelling at an early age, crediting his father for his inspiration. In songwriting, Cooper discovered a natural way to share his emotions which resonate in passion-soaked vocals and are accented by airy pedal steel and richly layered electric guitar. His music journey began while studying Biology at Baylor University in Waco, TX where he began sharing his music and developing a following. Since releasing his first single “Black Hole of Back Then” in mid-2021, Cooper has traveled across Texas and surrounding states, playing over 300 shows and amassing over 400k+ streams on his independently released singles “Whiskey When I’m Gone”, “Where Are You Darlin’”, and “Chanel no. 5 (with Larissa Boyd).

“I’m discovering myself, discovering my true form as an artist,” says Mohrmann. “For the first time, I feel like I’m able to express myself completely in music, sharing my creativity and raw ideas, and finding my purpose in life.”